Searching for a Memory in Tombstone

I’m standing outside Boothill Cemetery studying its surrounding walls, trying to match what I see with a memory from my childhood. I’ve just traveled along a dusty desert road. The toxic, nostril burning smell of a skunk (who has met an unfortunate end sometime earlier in the morning), leaks through my car’s air conditioning vents for most of my journey from Tucson to Tombstone–a distance of a little over seventy miles. Continue reading

My World in Black and White: Soda and Swine – San Diego, CA

You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take California out of the girl. At least you can’t with this girl. On a recent pilgrimage to San Diego, I think my car decided it wanted more time to enjoy the sea breezes–so it forced me to stand in a parking lot calling for roadside assistance. But there are worse places to be stranded for an afternoon. At least my car had the good taste to stage a protest within walking distance of butterscotch lattes and artisan chocolate. Continue reading