One cannot live a creative life without the help and support of others. I am extremely grateful to this ever-growing list of amazing people, businesses and organizations who have made this blog possible and contributed to my growth as a writer. To each and every one I say thank you so very, very much.

Amazing People:

To everyone who has clicked “like” or subscribed!

Carrie Seid and members of the Flow Zone, Christine & Kory Johnson, Andrea Herman, Pam Yates, Caroline & Mario Roberti, Gary & Linda Monroe, Alexis Fedor,  Marie Maguire, the Happiness Project Bowling League and the New Beginnings Triad Group.


Joanna Kosinska, Freddy Castro, David O. Anderson, Patrick Fore, Camille Orgel, Danielle McInnes, Courtney Hedger and Michal Grosicki whose art is included in the pages of this website. I am awed by your talent.

Businesses, Groups, Organizations & Products:

  • San Diego Writers, Ink
  • Pacific Northwest Writers Association
  • Tucson Writers Blog Meetup Group
  • NaNoWriMo, Office of Letters and Light
  • Santa Clara County Library District
  • San Diego Public Library System
  • King County Library System
  • Pima County Library System
  • Sisters in Crime
  • SDSU and UCSD
  • WordPress
  • Scrivener/Literature & Latte
  • Aeon Timeline

Influencing Speakers, Classes, Workshops, Festivals & Conferences

  • Jonathan Maberry & The Writer’s Coffeehouse, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
  • Dave Wolverton
  • David Morrell
  • James Scott Bell
  • Rhys Bowen
  • James Rollins
  • SDSU Writers’ Conference
  • Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference
  • Writer’s Digest Conference West
  • Gotham Writers Workshop
  • Tucson Festival of Books
  • The Writers Studio, Tucson