Please Pardon the Future Dust

I haven’t posted in what feels like an eternity, but the gap has been for reasons I’m excited to be sharing with you now. In the next couple months, this website and blog will be evolving into something shiny and new! Here’s the latest…

UofA CampusFor the last year, I’ve been on quite a journey. It’s been a time of great transformation as I’ve worked to overcome heartbreak–while at the same time, starting over in an unfamiliar city. It’s been tough. But in the last several weeks, with each new day, I’m growing more and more excited about some possibilities that have appeared on the horizon.

To rewind my story a bit, I should explain that at the start of this year, I hired a local coach to help light a fire under me. Through her, I discovered a course for creative souls designed to help create and grow a business. Limited in the times each year that it’s offered, I leapt on it and took what felt like a big, big chance. I’m happy to report that it’s been an amazing experience–often times very intense with the amount of information being presented–and a bit mind-blowing, too! I feel on the verge of something wonderful.

At last.

Because I’m confident that this course is going to help lift me up into a bright future, I’ve decided to create a Patreon campaign. If you’re not familiar with it, Patreon is a website that helps creative people get the funding they need so that they can keep doing what they love. For my community, the pledges begin at $1.00 a month with perks.

If you’re interested in learning more, click here to see the site. There are opportunities to win prizes–which are all going to be items I’ve created. I’m still learning how everything about the site works, so there’ll be bumps along the way for sure, but I invite you to take the journey with me. C’mon, it’ll be great!

Also, as part of my coursework, I’ve sought out and partnered with Peanut Media to help create a brand-new website and blog experience. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile but I simply didn’t have the vision or skills to accomplish it. What I’m learning has helped with the vision, and I’m so excited to be working with Christina who has the talent and know-how for the website design and building of it.

I probably could, and should, be writing much more today, but if I did you’d be reading this blog all day long. So I think it’s best I break it down into smaller mini-novels to share with you later. But I just wanted to announce that change is on its way in the form of a new website–so please pardon the dust!

To everyone reading, every happiness!

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