Place in the World

The moment the plane lifts off, so do my spirits. It’s time for a great escape. I’m leaving the desert behind and returning to the coast, abandoning the quiet to embrace a city of a million lights-that is all tangled up within a congested freeway system. I’m heading back to the part of the world I still consider to be home.

I’ve made this trip enough in the past to know that if I opt for a window seat on the right hand side of the airplane, that I’ll be sitting in prime position to reminisce when familiar landmarks-such as the ornate rooftops of Balboa Park-come into view during the last couple minutes of the flight into San Diego.


Although this trip to Southern California is but brief and for a purpose that I hope will move me forward in life, I take time for my pilgrimages. Bookending my trip, they’re a chance to be around a lifestyle I miss. I walk around the Flower Fields of Carlsbad amongst the happy tourists and families snapping selfies in front of the vibrant pallet of Tecolote Giant Ranunculus that stretches out over 50 acres as I drive north. And I pause returning from Los Angeles to walk out onto the historical Oceanside Pier to watch the surfers, the fishermen, and those taking pictures of the magnificent pelicans that are keeping watch over it all.


This week’s photo challenge, Place in this World, asks us where we belong. Where do we go when we need to feel inspired or cheered up? Small town or big city?

For me, the answer is easy. There is no happier place for me than by the sea, walking amongst the flower fields, feeling the hope of possibility.

4 thoughts on “Place in the World

      • MNL says:

        laughing, that’s just great. I would have loved to have seen them walking around like that. I’ve never been able to get that close to one.

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