I arrived in Tucson about this time last year, near the end of winter, just on the verge of spring. Leaving palm trees behind for cactus, daily exploratory walks uncovered numerous discoveries that I dutifully captured with a newfound treasure: a macro lens. Looking at things close up seemed to be a running theme for me during this time. I was looking at the details of my life, wondering what needed to change.


There is a cactus–Echinopsis–that has the most extraordinary blooms. The unfortunate bit about them is that the blooms only last for about a day. The cacti are native to South America, and there are some 128 varieties in existence. You see them all over Tucson.

I’d almost venture to say that this cactus sounds a bit introverted, demonstrating its brilliance in one big burst and then exhausted, returns to its natural, calm state, blending effortlessly with other cacti in the desert landscape. But on a more serious note, are the short-lived blooms not a reminder of how precious time is and how quickly it goes by?


Spring is a time of awakening on many levels. Creatures that have been dormant in their shadowed nooks and underground dwellings begin to surface and scurry about, flowers begin to bloom, and retail stores begin having their sales on organizational supplies. At no other time of the year do you really feel inspired to clean out the garage, but for some reason, spring is the time.


It’s also a good time to take stock on those things in life that need to be fed and watered each day in one’s personal life. I’m speaking about all those things that make you happy in life. Do more of those things. On this, I must quote Albert Schweitzer:

“The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are. Rather, it is about unbecoming who you are not.”

Enjoy this time-lapse video of Echinopsis from National Geographic.

To all, a very happy spring.

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