I’d Rather Be

Sitting in my car waiting for a red light to turn green, I often see a bumper sticker that begins with I’d rather be and ends with the driver’s one wish. Some drivers wish only to be fishing, while others–as they drive through the desert–dream of surfing in Hawaii. Passing through the intersection, I think of other places and activities I’d rather be doing. If I’m going to be in a car, I’d rather be…


…looking through a bug splattered windshield out at a landscape that takes my breath away–while at the same time allowing me to breathe in deeply.

I’d rather be…


…in a plane high above the clouds, dreaming of what is below when the pilot announces the altitude and notes that we are passing over Ireland.

I’d rather be…


…in a hotel room, on one of the highest floors, looking out the balcony window at what there is to see.

But most of all, what I’m always wishing for most, is to write about it all.

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