My World in Black and White: Soda and Swine – San Diego, CA

You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take California out of the girl. At least you can’t with this girl. On a recent pilgrimage to San Diego, I think my car decided it wanted more time to enjoy the sea breezes–so it forced me to stand in a parking lot calling for roadside assistance. But there are worse places to be stranded for an afternoon. At least my car had the good taste to stage a protest within walking distance of butterscotch lattes and artisan chocolate.


It amazed me how often the subject of tacos were brought up by complete strangers during my two-day adventure. And why not? Whenever I am away from San Diego for very long, I crave not only tacos but all of my old food haunts.


One old haunt is a place where meatballs reign supreme. It’s a place called Soda and Swine, located in the Arts District of Liberty Station. Liberty Station was once a Naval Training Center that opened in 1923. Today, it’s a lovely place to shop, eat, and learn.


It was the name Soda and Swine that first drew my attention, and it’s the food that keeps me coming back. Indoors or outdoors on their patio, my eyes have so much to look at. I’m feeling drawn to snap my photos in black and white during this visit.


I should just consider it a fact that each time I visit San Diego, I’m going to pack on a few extra pounds. But oh, is it worth it.


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