Weekly Photo Challenge – Out Of This World

Come away with me to an alternate universe where chocolate has no calories. All you have to do is step through this portal…

This week’s photo challenge is “Out of This World” and it invites us to find an image that makes the familiar world around us seem somehow mysterious.

I’ve selected pictures from my recent trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson. I was immediately drawn to two pieces within the current exhibit. They reminded me of the images of the galaxy from the Hubble Space Telescope.

I attempted to take photographs of them, but struggled to find the right angle. The pieces had a glossy, reflective quality and I wanted to capture the detail in the art–not my own image! IMG_2704


I tried different angles and started to get frustrated…but as I examined the images I was taking, I became satisfied with what I had managed to capture. I felt like I was able to discover the makings of a story.

My imagination took off.


Was I looking through a portal into an alternative universe? Who were these two unknown figures on the other side? What were they doing there? Were they friendly? What kind of world would I experience if I stepped through?

So, it turns out the pictures weren’t a mistake after all. They ended up serving as an answer to the call for something ‘out of this world’ and it makes me quite happy to be able to participate in this week’s challenge.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep looking for all things amazing in your world.

See you again next week.

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