Tibearius Bee Asks an Important Question

While traveling by car to his new home, Tibearius Bee learned that the customer who had bought him at the Mildred and Dildred toy store was a writer. Knowing that she owned many books, and that he could read any of them at his leisure made him very happy. Still, on that very first night, he missed his friends and wished on a bright star that they would all find good homes soon.

The Writer felt his sadness, and offered up some entertainment.

“Shall we watch a movie?” She suggested. “How about Paddington? Would you like that?”

“Yes!” Tibearius gleefully jumped off the back cushion of the couch to sit where he could see the television best.

There is nothing better than a movie about a bear, Tibearius thought. He was enjoying it immensely. But as he watched, a burning question came to mind. He looked up at The Writer sitting beside him.

“Am I naked?” He asked.

“You’re a bear. You have fur.”

“But Paddington has a very nice jacket.”

“Well, he lives in London. He probably needs it. It can get quite cold there.”

“But I do wonder. If one is an explorer, shouldn’t one have pants? There seems to be some advantages. Especially if the pants have pockets.”

“Pants?” The Writer thought about this.

“Most bears who go on great adventures have them.”

“Like who?”


“Ah. He wore overalls.”

“Smokey the Bear has jeans.”

“Doesn’t he work for the US Forest Service or something? It’s probably part of a uniform.” The Writer noted.

“The Berenstain Bears have clothes.”

“Winnie the Pooh only had a shirt.”

“But he had a shirt.” The little bear crossed his arms.

“It matters to you, doesn’t it, Tibearius?”

“I think it might.”

“Well, then, we shall search the four-corners of the world until we find you some pants. Although I think it might be a challenge. You’re only eleven inches tall.”

“No Bear Emporium?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“Have you not got a needle and thread?” Tibearius asked.

“I do.” The Writer laughed. “So you’re a bear of distinction who wants tailor made?”

“Clothes really do make the bear. If we’re to travel and I’m to have my picture taken often, then I’d prefer not to be in fur alone.”

“Well then, our battle cry from this day forward shall be life, liberty, and the pursuit of pants.

Tibearius smiled. “Yes. That sounds very good. Very good indeed.”

And this is why…it never hurts to ask.


This story is part of an ongoing series. Catch up here:

Tibearius Bee Goes Home #1

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