A voice from the desert

Hello, world.  Do you have time to pause for a few minutes and listen to a story? I know one. It’s about a woman with a heavy heart. One day, she packed her car with some luggage and along with her dog and cat, drove until she reached the desert. She wanted to go somewhere for a fresh start. The dog sought adventure. The cat? Well, he simply wanted out of the car.

Regardless of the cat’s initial complaints, he settled into the idea of living somewhere that offered him the comfort of warmer sunspots than those he’d experienced before. He allowed the dog her adventures, and he gave The Human time to unpack and begin anew. But as time passed, he sensed something was amiss.  He tried to talk to the dog about it, but she only thumped her tail against her overstuffed bed and laughed at him with that wide-mouthed, toothy smile of hers. She’d never been useful for deep conversations, he mused. Silly dog.

So, he thought back to the days he knew before, those happy moments atop a short IKEA Billy bookcase, where he’d curled up for a nap under a window while The Human wrote stories and kept up with a blog.


The cat thought more on this. Had it really been a year since he’d last listened to the steady click-clack of The Human’s typing? He remembered climbing up onto her desk and pawing at the words streaming across the computer monitor. She’d thought him cute and playing with words, but that was far from the truth. Actually, he’d been editing, catching and swatting at her grammatical errors. (Of which there had always been many.) Silly human.

With his new found revelation, he did his best to inform The Human that she should be writing again. He woke her up at six a.m. and he expressed his concerns. When she didn’t listen, he elaborated in the afternoon. And when she still didn’t sit down to write, he tried to grab her attention just as she was trying to fall asleep. Still, his message went unheard.

But as luck would have it, eventually The Human would learn on her own that for her, writing and telling stories is essential to her happiness–and that there is much in her new life to be grateful for and so much more yet to explore and to be learned.

So how does the story end? Well, the cat has a pretty good idea where all of this is going, but he’s staying silent for now. He’ll leave it up to The Human to decide. After all, it is her story.

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