Swan Song

I have to admit, that when I checked on Wednesday to see what this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was, I was surprised and saddened to see the announcement that this would be the final one issued. WordPress has been offering it since 2011, but I had only been made aware of it several months ago! I have really enjoyed participating in it. It was something I looked forward to each week. And connecting with other writers and photographers from all over the world was a great thrill for me. It will be missed. Continue reading

Place in the World

The moment the plane lifts off, so do my spirits. It’s time for a great escape. I’m leaving the desert behind and returning to the coast, abandoning the quiet to embrace a city of a million lights-that is all tangled up within a congested freeway system. I’m heading back to the part of the world I still consider to be home. Continue reading


I arrived in Tucson about this time last year, near the end of winter, just on the verge of spring. Leaving palm trees behind for cactus, daily exploratory walks uncovered numerous discoveries that I dutifully captured with a newfound treasure: a macro lens. Looking at things close up seemed to be a running theme for me during this time. I was looking at the details of my life, wondering what needed to change. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Smile

Don’t get me anywhere near a petting zoo. I’m attracted to them like a magnet and you might never get me out. I don’t care that while I’m there, I’m more than twice as tall as the average visitor, and four times their age. I love them. So much so that I’ve lost more laundry quarters than I can count–to the vending machines that pour nutritional pellets into my eager, cupped hands. Continue reading

I’d Rather Be

Sitting in my car waiting for a red light to turn green, I often see a bumper sticker that begins with I’d rather be and ends with the driver’s one wish. Some drivers wish only to be fishing, while others–as they drive through the desert–dream of surfing in Hawaii. Passing through the intersection, I think of other places and activities I’d rather be doing. If I’m going to be in a car, I’d rather be… Continue reading